Can we understand and solve today’s economic, social, and environmental issues without creating more problems?

Complex problems require deep insight and broad comprehension.

The discipline of Systems Thinking offers a robust approach for identifying and applying sustainable solutions.

With over 20 years of experience and exploration in the area, Dr. Karen Higgins shares systems insights on some of our most critical problems such as the recent economic crisis and sustaining our world for future generations. She teaches these concepts at The Claremont Graduate University and offers organizational training through her company, Élan Leadership ConceptsShe has written two books using systems thinking.  The first, Financial Whirlpools, describes the 2008-2009 economic crisis as the interplay of influences that began decades ago.  In it, she identifies leverage points that can reduce the severity of economic crises in the future.  The second book, Economic Growth and Sustainability, identifies trends relating to economy, environment and society, explores the challenges to achieving sustainability on Earth and offers a synergistic plan of action.